It’s not a city for vulnerable groups

Por: José Antonio Michelena

Work that takes place in any municipality of the city of Havana, on any day of the week, unless any indication is maked.

Scene 1
The stop signal is very clear; however, inexplicably, the guagua stops about fifty meters earlier. To get there, the youth run, the children run, some older adults run, but several elders, an blind man and a man with a cane, remain in place; they expect the driver to stop the bus where it belongs, but it’s not, it’s still long.
Thirty minutes later, the elders, the blind and the cane lord, who continue at the stop, spot another guagua, which, this time, does not stop earlier, but about sixty meters beyond the stop sign. There run the young men, the children, even several older adults, but the blind, the cane lord and the older elders, cannot do it. You must keep waiting.

Scene 2
The old man is about to board the bus through the front door, but the driver’s assistant insists that they ride through the power station. On other occasions, the old man has tried to do so and has not been able to. With a lot of work he manages to get up ahead, but he can barely move forward. A tumult prevents it. Next to the driver is a young woman who looks at a cell phone and laughs with laughter. The driver laughs, too. Next to him, two other men talk to him and the assistant. Actually, they don’t talk, they’re just trying to scream more than the regueton that sprouts through the horns.
The old man is near the central gate when the guagua stops at the stop, but the driver does not open the door, he delays, and when he does, those who want to descend lock with those who try to climb. When the old man comes down, the door closes. He asks the driver to open. It’s useless. You can’t hear anything. The regueton prevails. The girl on the cell phone drops a laugh.

Scene 3
The lord is assisted by a cane because his right knee is injured. He’s trying to take a botero cab. After a while it will stop you, but you cannot access the carriage because the height of the step prevents it; then a young man helps him and manages to get in. The gentleman thanks and gives the good morning to the passengers who accompany him. No one answers. When you go down, the difficulty is repeated and you should be helped. The injured knee hurts.

Scene 4
The cane lord has reached a state unit where he has to do important management for him, but it is very difficult to access the place, because he must overcome the obstacle of climbing very steep steps and have not built any ramps for cases like his. He has no choice but to endure the pain and the ascent begins.

Scene 5
The lady walked slowly, her sick legs imposed that rhythm on her. At the traffic light where the roads of Concha and Luyanó cross, he had to pass the street and waited for the green doll that projects the traffic light for passers-by. When the doll came out, she began walking to the opposite sidewalk, but at eleven seconds, when she was barely halfway there, the passer-by signal changed to red and the cars advanced. Since then the lady has not leave her house if she must cross any streets.

Scene 6
With great difficulty, the blind man walked through the remains of what was a sidewalk. Again and again his feet stumbled and several times he lost his balance. With the cane he searched every inch of the difficult road. Thus he advanced until the cane and his sense of smell indicated that a garbage barrier stood in the way. To get around the dumpster, he went down to the conten and walked a few feet along the shore. Just a few feet because another major impediment paralyzed him. Luckily, his cane and instinct prevented him from falling into the open hole in the middle of the street, where the sewer log lid was missing. Next to him, the cars passed quickly.

Scene 7
She’s got her ears damaged. He suffers from tinnitus: he feels a cricket beeping perpetually. It’s so annoying that you never want to leave your home. He went out on the street today, but he didn’t want to deal with the guaguas. He stopped a almond. Fortunately, the car had no music player and the passengers were silent. Until a young man came up with an artifact that sounded like to animate a dance.

Scene 8
The girl got on the bus at the stop sign. (I had barely waited two minutes). He gave the driver the good morning and the driver answered the greeting. He paid with a weight and the driver gave him the return. He sat down immediately. Then he pinched very hard and smiled. The shockwave of his smile spread throughout space and time. Ω

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