Dialogue with young foreign students in Cuba

Young medical students in Cuba from Africa held an encounter with religious of the AdoratricEs Community of the Blessed Sacrament, with the purpose of knowing about their charisma and the work they have been doing in Havana for several years with women victims of prostitution and other expressions of violence.
At first, the sisters presented aspects related to the history of a congregation that finds in contemplative worship of The Sacramentd Jesus, the essence of an apostolate committed to the woman affected by different forms of slavery.
A quick review of the work of this religious community revealed the contemporary action of the Adoratrices, who following the example of those who accompanied the founder, Mother Maria Micaela, develop numerous and varied actions to liberate and promote women who exercise prostitution or are exposed to drugs, abandonment, loneliness and poverty, whom they treat with benevolence and charity.
Present in Cuba since 2007, the Community has managed to incorporate many of these women victims of sexual exploitation into its Sicar Program, a space where they receive guidance, psycho-social care and general support, while offering them the opportunity to join other training courses and workshops within the Church.
For young foreign medical students in Cuba, the meeting was very useful, because in addition to knowing the work of the sisters and some expressions and characteristics of the phenomenon of prostitution in the country, they became aware of the reality of the woman who prostitutes hesitation, almost always discriminated against by her condition without taking into account the history of pain and suffering that accompanies her.

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