New graduation of children from Father Usera Nursery

Por Daniel Estévez González

Foto: Deglez

On the morning of this Thursday, the fifth-year-olds of life of the Padre Usera Nursery took place in the Theater Room of the Third Order in Old Havana.

This beautiful place, where the resident company is La Colmenita, one of the most prestigious children’s theatre institutions in Cuba, served as the perfect setting to welcome parents and family members who, in tears and applause, saw their little ones receive the diploma from Msgr. Juan García, Archbishop of Havana, and Sor. Teresa Vaz, nursery director.

Foto: Deglez

The program of the event featured the performance of the choir formed by the graduated children and directed by Professor Carmen Rosa López. A panel was also held coordinated by Dr. Yumara Santana that featured Mr. Milagros Conte, municipal methodologist of the program “Educate your Son”, who thanked the excellent work that the Sisters of God’s Love and all the workers perform daily. Also involved were the teacher Rembert Egs, composer of the nursery hymn, Mr. Adelis Méndez, mother of one of the graduate children, and the architect Orlando Marquez, who explained the importance of this service of the Catholic Church and the social impact it has had in the twenty years of existence.

The Sisters of God Love attend, among other services, two nurseries in Havana. In these institutions they receive human training and education in Christian values girls and boys from families with social disadvantage, it is hard work guided by the thought of Father Usera: “educating in, with and by love”.

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