From the Seminar: Tribute to the Most Enchanted

Por: seminarista Rafael Cruz Dévora

External view of the new Catholic Seminar of Saint Charles and Saint Ambrose in Havana, inaugurated on November 3, 2010. Cuban cardinal Jaime Ortega thanked Cuban former President Fidel Castro and Cuban President Raul Castro, for the state support for the construction of the first Catholic Seminar in Cuba. AFP PHOTO/ADALBERTO ROQUE (Photo credit should read ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/Getty Images)

Father Oscar Herrera, in memoriam.

Dear Father Oscarito
thank you for so much joy,
it’s his life a poetry
that Jesus himself has written.
With infinite pleasure
your stay we will remember
and for your rest we will pray
in depth;
until in Eternity
let’s hug again.

Thank you for every day
unsymed smile,
thank you because with your life
ours was marked
forever, because in every
word sowed light.
You’ve carried the cross
you have set out on the road:
Steep pilgrim
to meet Jesus!

Thank you for so much hope
preached and assumed
shared harvest
your life was a compliment.
Thank you for so much confidence
Christ, true God.
Thank you for your sincere burning
surrender to your Savior.
Thank you because in pain
you hugged the Madero.

Thank you for the litany
necessary in the ambón
–Tighten your pants,
if you want to save yourself one day!
Thank you because so much manhood
is remembered tenderly.
Move away with haste
of sin, which is real.
–Fast atteten evil
if it rootes, it doesn’t heal!

Thank you, because by combining
the serious with the humor,
you conveyed better
what you wanted to show.
And thank you for preaching
what others: not even playing!
What if God is looking at you,
And see all your existence!
–Look you’re going to die,
look you don’t know when!

Thank you, for the indication
sung in that bolero,
nobody ever gave a te love
with more detuning.
The time of the heart
we can’t lose him.
Workshop-mode talks,
meaningful little jokes,
really, all-inclusive
to help grow.

You taught us to pray
And to improve our today,
without saying more: -that’s who I am
and I’m never going to change.
You taught us how to face
the darkness of the road
without foresering that Christ came
to offer us your hand:
–because this is not human,
No, this is divine.

It’s all that clarity
the gratitude we live in,
you don’t know how much we grew up
because of your humility.
We believe that your kindness
in Heaven was welcomed.
Ask the dear Virgin
that encourages our existence
and help us serve
delighted life. Ω

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