Jury Act-Contest 2016

Por: Jurado del Concurso

Twenty-eight days after June 2016, he met at the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center in Havana, the jury of the Palabra Nueva Competition, in its twentieth edition, composed of Father Jorge Luis Pérez Soto, graphic designer Frida Padrón Alvarez and journalists Yarelis Rico Hernández (president), Antonio López Sánchez and André Barros Castro , who unanimously agreed to award the following awards and mentions:

Chronicle: Award for “Fall and Rise”, by Jorge Domingo Cuadriello. Exquisite account of an event that shows the human will to overcome the misfortunes in pursuit of a desire, an ideal or a dream that, beyond one’s well-being, seeks to help others. The story, told chronologically, appropriates a direct and simple language, to gracefully narrate the inconvenience of its protagonists.

1st. Mention of “The Blessed One”, by Reinaldo Cedeño Pineda, for the literary elegance with which the author turns a dramatic story into beauty.

2nd. Mention of “Lesson of Love”, by Dania Ramirez, for presenting us with a shocking story that shows us the true face of mercy.

3rd. Mention of “My Neighbor”, by Manuela Salgado Delgado, for exposing through personal experience what were, at the time, the Military Production Aid Units (UMAP), just when the 50th is fulfilled. anniversary of this sad Cuban event.

Article: “A Socialist Named Dayton Hedges?” award from author Miguel Terry Valdespino. By approaching an important American entrepreneur whose entrepreneurship in Cuba demonstrated, at the time, that it is possible to conclude, at the same time, the love of work, humanism and collective and personal prosperity.

Photograph: Award for “Pray for Us, Lord”, by Daniel Miranda, for showing, with technical expertise and great sensitivity, the longing of a people.

Mention of “Lord, I Trust You”, by Daniel Estévez González, for the message it entails for the past and future history of the Cuban nation.

The jury considered leaving desert in the category of Prize and Mention the genres of reporting and interview, as none of the evaluated works met the requirements to achieve that condition.

The jury and the Writing Council of the magazine Palabra Nueva, would like to thank those who submitted works to the contest and invite them to accompany us in future editions.

And for the record, the act is signed in the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

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