Ninth day of ninth to Virgin

7 de septiembre del 2020


Saint Mary of Charity, Mother of the Lord
Jesus, we venerate you with special affection and
We praise you, Mother and Patron of the people
Cuban, because you’ve been present at
all the struggles, sorrows and joys of your
Virgin Mambisa, proclaimed and revered
by our veterans, we ask you to
today, as yesterday, be present in life
of your beloved people: this town you are looking for
love, understanding and sincere union
of all Cubans.
We offer you; the efforts of our
Christians, the work of our workers and
peasants, the study of our young people,
the smile of our children, the pain of
our sick, the watchful and
quiet of all our mothers, the
loneliness of so many brothers, widows and
orphans the generous delivery of our
martyrs and the deceased, the noble and
simple from our village
Mother of Charity, reach your altar
Copper, so beloved and revered, the
pleas we present to you.

Mary, Queen and Mother of Cuba

«Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord»

(Exit 32, 12).

We have sung with the Psalmist who joy accompanies the people who have God as their Lord. More than five hundred years ago, when the Cross of Christ arrived on this island, and with it his saving message, began a process that, fed by the Christian faith, has been forging the characteristic features of this Nation. In the series of his illustrious men are: that soldier who was the first catechist and missionary of Macaca; also the first Cuban teacher to be Fr. Miguel de Velázquez; priest Esteban Salas, father of Cuban music; the distinguished Bayamese Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Father of the Fatherland, who, prostrate at the feet of Our Lady of Charity, began his struggle for the freedom and independence of Cuba; Antonio de la Caridad Maceo y Grajales, whose statue presides over the square that today hosts our celebration, to which his mother asked in front of the crucifix to surrender to the extreme for the freedom of Cuba. In addition to these, there are many illustrious men and women who, moved by their unwavering faith in God, chose the way of freedom and justice as the foundations of the dignity of their people.

… From her sanctuary, not far from here, the Queen and Mother of all Cubans—regardless of races, political choices or ideologies—guides and sustains, as in the past, her children’s steps towards the heavenly homeland and encourages them to live in such a way that in society authentic moral values, which constitute the rich spiritual heritage inherited from the elderly, always reign. To her, as her cousin Elizabeth did, we turn gratefully to say, “Blessed are you, who have believed, for what the Lord has told you will be fulfilled” (Lk1:45). In these words is the secret of the true happiness of individuals and peoples: to believe and proclaim that the Lord has done wonders for us and that his mercy reaches his faithful from generation to generation. This conviction is the force that encourages men and women who, even at the cost of sacrifices, selflessly surrender to the service of others.

….History teaches that without faith virtue disappears, moral values darken, truth does not shine, life loses its transcendent meaning, and even service to the nation can no longer be encouraged by the deepest motivations. In this regard, Antonio Maceo, the great Eastern patriot, said: “Whoever does not love God does not love the Fatherland”

… The Church calls everyone to embody faith in one’s own life, as the best path for the integral development of the human being, created in the image and likeness of God, and to attain true freedom, which includes the recognition of human rights and social justice. In this regard, the Catholic laity, safeguarding their own identity in order to be “salt and ferment” in the midst of the society of which they are a part, have the duty and the right to participate in public debate in equal opportunities and in an attitude of dialogue and reconciliation.

…. Beloved faithful, never forget the great events related to your Queen and Mother. With the canopy of the family altar, Céspedes made the Cuban flag and went to prostrate at the feet of Our Lady before starting the struggle for freedom. The brave Cuban soldiers, the Mambises, wore on their chest the medal and the “measure” of his blessed image. The first act of cuba libre took place when in 1898 General Calixto García’s troops prostrated the the prostrate at the feet of Our Lady of Charity in a solemn Mass for the “Mambisa Declaration of independence of the Cuban people”. The various pilgrimages that the image has made for the peoples of the island, accepting the longings and hopes, the joys and sorrows of all their children, have always been great manifestations of faith and love.

Saturday, January 24, 1998

“To His Holiness Benedict XV. Most Holy Father: Those who subscribe, children of the Holy Catholic Church, Apostolic, Roman, to His Holiness humbly expose: That they are members of each other and sympathizers of the
Cuban Liberating Army, title that constitutes the timbre of our greatest glory, for synthesizing in it the supreme good of the Freedom and Independence of our Homeland; that together with this title we hold another, which is to belong to the Catholic Church, Apostolic, Roman, in whose bosom we were born, under their precepts we live and according to them we want to cease to exist, and those two titles make today, gathered in the Copper Villa, where the Sanctuary of the BLESSED VIRGIN of CHARITY is located , and prostrate reverently before his altar, we agree to go to S.S. to carry out the most beautiful of our hopes and the fairest of the aspirations of the Cuban soul, declaring Patron of our young Republic to the Blessed Virgin of Charity of Copper, and of precept for Cuba, the day that bears his Most Holy name, eight of September.

They could neither the chances of war nor the work to deliver our livelihood, to extinguish the faith and love that our Catholic people profess to that venerated Virgin; and on the contrary, in the heat of fighting and in the greatest vicissitudes of life, when death was closest or nearest despair, always emerged as a dissipating light of all danger or as a comforting dew for our souls the vision of that Cuban Virgin par excellence, Cuban for the origin of her secular devotion, and Cuban because this is how our unforgettable mothers loved her , so blessed are our loving wives, and so have it proclaimed by our soldiers, praying before her for the attainment of victory and for the peace of our unsovided dead; and I would accuse an shameful ingratitude on our part that to the benefits that this exalted Virgin will produce us to remain inactive or mute and not raise our voices before the successor of St. Peter so that by interpreting the feelings of the Catholic people of Cuba and those of her Liberator Army who profess the religion of our ancestors, and using the faculties of which she is endowed , declare, prior to the corresponding formalities, as Patron of the Republic of Cuba to our Lady of Charity of Copper, and of ecclesiastical feast in her on the day she bears her Holy Name.

Therefore, to His Holiness we humbly plead, to serve benign access to our request. Villa del Cobre, at twenty-four September of one thousand nine hundred and fifteen”.

Decena del Rosario

Right now think about
silence that
grace you want to ask God
through the intercession of Our Lady of the
Charity during this
ninth (Brief silence).
We offer this
dozen of the rosary for all
us who have
accompanied to Our Lady,
asking for the progress of the
Homeland and all its children without
distinction of creeds, race,
So we can sing and live


Virgin of Copper Charity “You have come to visit our people and wanted to stay with us as Mother and Lady of Cuba, along her pilgrimage along the paths of history”.

“Your name and image are sculpted in the minds and hearts of all Cubans, inside and outside the Fatherland, as a sign of hope and a center of fraternal communion”.

“Mother of Reconciliation! Gather your people scattered around the world. Make the Cuban nation a home of brothers and sisters, so that this people may open their minds, hearts and lives wide to Christ, the one Savior and Redeemer”.

Personal commitment

What do I commit to living on this day?

I think of something concrete I can do to manifest love and faith in the Lord.


The Lord Almighty, bless us, keep us from all evil and lead us to eternal life. Amen.

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