Unfinished work

Por Jorge Fernández Era

obra inconclusa

A modern Meteorite Research Laboratory was to be built there.

He was leaving. Because when the construction brigade reached 85% completion of the work, the project engineer – foresighted him – realized that the vibration of trains running along the railway line that has existed for eighty-one years at just thirty metres, could damage the operation of sophisticated measurement and control equipment.

After three months of discussion of the factors involved in the matter, they agreed that the projecting engineer should become self-critical in front of their working collective – secretary and draftsman – and adapt the original project for anything other than the aforementioned Meteorite Research Laboratory. Five weeks later, in response to his proposal, it was decided to take advantage of the railway line to make a train terminal there.

Given the details and made the relevant adjustments, some walls were below to increase the useful area of the enclosure and sophisticated measurement and control equipment was removed. Only one toxic gas evacuator was left with the intention of using it in future baths.
When the construction brigade held 90% completion of the work, someone – what a suspicion – commented that that Train Terminal was a useless expense, as it would only be used by the twenty-nine inhabitants of a not very close agricultural cooperative.

Seventy days lasted the discussion with those involved. Investor responsibility became clear, but it was decided to give them one last chance. Someone then proposed – in difficult times the revolutionaries are more creative – to take advantage of the large number of chairs of the waiting exsalon to make a cafeteria right there, without much extra investment.

When the constructors’ brigade was proud of the 95% completion of the work, the Western Railway Division predicted the danger of accidents posed by the parking of trains and locomotives on site, each time one of the machinists – the only beneficiaries of the gastronomic establishment – merited a snack.

After three minutes and without any discussion, it was decided to demolish the design engineer, build a Laboratory for the Study of the Feasibility of Railway Terminal Constructions with/without and/or Cafeterias, and throw about fifteen kilometers of lines to divert existing ones because, as already said, the vibration of the trains that run… Ω

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